Short description

DialogCD is a dialog based frontend to cdrtools.

It is a bash script, so no need to install. Its purpose is to offer a simple menu-driven interface, beeing known that cdrecord has even more options than ls. This is a bash script, I suppose it will work on every OS that provides bash, dialog and cdrtools, including (but not limited to) linux-gnu, cygwin-gnu, freebsd and the other unices.

Current version

The current version (still under develop) offers a good interface to cdrecord, including pipeline or multisession. It allows you to fine tune a pack of parameters (device, speed, driver options, fifo, type of blanking, ejecting), to select an ISO9660 image from harddrive, to preview the commandline and, of course, to burn the disk. Separately, you can erase your cd-rw or clone a pre-existing cd (image is created with dd). The integration of mkisofs is almost acomplished, tests and bugfixes may be necessary. You can select your source directories, the excluded directories and files. You can select a predefined image type or tune you own. Specifying the CD-identification or creating a bootable disk are also possible.

The multisession, complex boot and pipelineing are now complete. An instalation tool is under development.